Wireless Touch Doorbell Pet Electronic Doorbell Long Distance Waterproof N688Q

Wireless touch doorbell home waterproof long-distance pet electronic doorbell emergency call alarm N688Q model includes black and white two options, no button, doorbell call or emergency help alarm function can be realized by touch, suitable for pet doorbell call or emergency help alarm for the elderly for calling.

The pet doorbell receiver adopts 110~260V wide voltage AC power supply, and 4 kinds of plugs are available for US/Japan, UK, EU, and Australia, plug and play. 55 European and American ringtones are optional, rated power 0.2w ultra-low power consumption design, 5-level volume adjustable from 0 to 110 decibels, users can set the doorbell ringtone arbitrarily, and support silent do not disturb mode, giving users a better home experience.

The electronic doorbell transmitter is powered by batteries, and the transmission distance can reach 150~300 meters in an open and unobstructed environment. It has an anti-interference design and a stable signal. The transmitter has a built-in waterproof rubber ring, and the doorbell waterproof grade is IP55, which can work normally in outdoor rainy days.

Home doorbell receivers and transmitters support many-to-many. Users can configure the number of receivers and transmitters according to actual needs, such as 1 to 1 (1 transmitter + 1 receiver), 3 to 3 (3 transmitters) +3 receivers).

Mass production of printable LOGO, customizable ringtones, customizable shell, and the company supports OEM processing, customers are welcome to call to submit customized needs.

LIKEPAI Dog bells: It's a dog doorbells suitable for all size dogs-small, medium or large! It's also can be used as a wireless doorbell for home or as caregiver page for an elderly/sick patient. Our wireless doorbell is approved by FCC and RoHS; Not satisfied with our product? Trigger Simply: This dog doorbells solves the problem of small dog pressing, No need to press, Just touch or slip over the button lightly to activate, easy for any small or big dogs to use and flexibly increase or decrease the receiver and transmitter according to your needs. The matching method is simple and easy to operate. Powerful Upgrade Reusable Adhesive Tape: Dog Doorbells for potty training without wiring, use Reusable Adhesive Tape to stick it on the door or wall or place anywhere you need. Hook and loop tapes are simple peel off and stick on, sticky backing. Non-slip, Anti-skid. Easy to replace the battery without damaging the wall. Customizable: Has 55 first polyphonic ring tones and 5 levels of adjustable volume, you can choose the size of your favorite ring tones and ring tones (0-110 decibels), set to doorbell ring. not disturb mode, give users better Home experience. Long Range & Waterproof: Receiver and transmitter in the barrier-free environment, the maximum effective working distance can reach 950ft. The waterproof grade is IP55, built-in waterproof rubber ring can work normally on rainy days, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Wireless Touch Doorbell Pet Electronic Doorbell Long Distance Waterproof N688Q Pet Touch Doorbell 第1张

Wireless Touch Doorbell Pet Electronic Doorbell Long Distance Waterproof N688Q Pet Touch Doorbell 第2张

Place of Origin
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Waterproof Button
Volume Levels
5 (0-110db)
Wireless Range
Up to 1000ft
Battery Operation
Black White


How to train your dog?

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