TuyaSmart restaurant calling system villa doorbell wireless calling system tuya video intercom host

TuyaSmart restaurant calling system villa doorbell wireless calling system tuya video intercom Product Description

Tuya Smart Video Doorbell Video Access Control Host

1. Call: One call will ring more than once, and one of the other smart terminals will hang up automatically.
2. Remote unlocking: The smart terminal answers the call from the smart host and unlocks it remotely.
3. Swipe the card to unlock: the host swipes the card to open the door, and the opening time can be set through the smart terminal.
4. Card management: The smart terminal is connected to the No. 1 smart host to let it enter the card issuing state.
5. Data synchronization: non-No. 1 smart host automatically synchronizes No. 1 data
6. Two-way voice: One-click voice calls can be initiated between smart terminals.
7. Two-way video: Two-way video calls can be initiated between smart terminals with one key (not standard).
8. Multi-intelligent hosts: up to 99 smart hosts.
9. Multi-smart terminals: up to 10 smart terminals (only 1 is supported under wireless connection).
10. IPC extension: By binding the IPC and the smart host through the smart terminal, the smart terminal can view the IPC real-time picture.
11. WiFi extension: Both the smart terminal and the smart host can extend the WiFi function.
12. Stick the wireless call switch at will: extended function, suitable for some occasions where the installation position of the smart host is not good.

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Applicable scenarios:

1. It can be used independently and installed at the door to realize unlocking by swiping card and Tuya APP. The visitor presses the call button to make a video call with the user's mobile APP, and the owner can remotely unlock the mobile phone lock. 2. It can be used with indoor screen. The indoor screen can actively monitor the real-time monitoring screen of the door, and can also unlock the door. When someone comes to visit, the indoor screen can conduct video intercom with the visitor and open the door for the visitor. 3. It is suitable for multi-user scenarios in buildings. The face recognition video intercom can customize the multi-user address book. Each home is equipped with an indoor screen, and visitors will be automatically assigned to the corresponding user mobile app.


Special Features
Motion Detection, RESET, Alarm I/O, Waterproof / Weatherproof, Two-way Audio, NIGHT VISION, Built-in Siren, Other
Customized support
Software reengineering, OEM, ODM, Customized logo, Online technical support
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Recognition function
ID recognition
TuyaSmart and SmartLife
Network Configuration
DHCP, static manual settings
Connection method
LAN as default/ Wi-Fi
Housing material
Aluminum alloy, surface sandblasting process
Operation method
Full screen touch, tempered glass material panel
Screen display
7-inch HD IPS display
800MHz ARM9/128Mb
Dual 2MP lens, support backlight environment
Video decoding
Audio decoding
Waterproof level
Working voltage
DC 12V2A
Working Current
Working temperature
-30ºC ~ +70ºC
Device Size
Operating System
English as default (Other languages customization available)
Card capacity
2,000 IC Cards
Recognition speed
≥1 second
Intelligent function
Infrared live identification detection
Support online update OTA upgrade
Support stay alarm
Support RTC, NTC Internet time correction
Guarding mechanism
Anti-demolition design,
to ensure the stability of equipment operation
Recognition distance
Pure dynamic identification; 0.5-3 meters;
Enable infrared live detection; 0.5-1 meters