TUYA WIFI/4G SIM Outdoor Solar IP CCTV Camera Wireless Camera Solar network security high quality outside waterproof low power G02

TUYA WIFI/4G SIM Outdoor Solar IP CCTV Camera Wireless Camera Solar network security high quality outside waterproof low power G02

Product features:

App: TuyaSmart or SmartLife

Hardware: hi3516ev200 + gc2053 performance hardware, HD 1080p H.265
WiFi version domestic 4G all China Netcom Southeast Asia 4G version European 4G American 4G
18650 battery powered solar low power full duplex AI detection voice alarm video push motion detection remote wake up infrared night vision
* Hisilicon ultra low power performance hardware solution, ultra long standby;
AI detection, voice alarm: you have broken into the monitoring area, please leave immediately (support warning language
* solar power supply, four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries can be installed, charging while using, intelligent sleep,
ultra-low power consumption;
The combination of solar panel and fuselage, IP66 waterproof grade, can be used safely in the field.
Super long standby: from August to December. Based on the capacity of a single 18650 battery of 3400mah, the total capacity of four batteries is 13600mah.
High definition photosensitive chip, effective image quality: 2 million pixels, 1080p, clear and delicate image, good color
Customized ircut dual filter switch, automatic color to black, equipped with four low-power infrared lamps, can effectively
improve the night vision clarity;
The built-in low-power WiFi module is specially designed for Hisilicon, which is more stable in receiving WiFi signals and does not drop the line;
Built in PIR infrared sensor alarm, after setting, it can detect the human body and immediately push the alarm information to the mobile app;
Full duplex intercom, built-in pickup and speaker, users can monitor through mobile app, and realize real-time remote video voice intercom;
Using high performance DSP codec chip, the host can deal with various complex situations and respond quickly;
Using P2P technology, through simple connection operation, the device can access the Internet, and the mobile app can set the device parameters remotely;
Multi computer and multi-user, which can realize the management of multiple computers and multi-user at the same time, and the centralized management of TUYA intelligent platform is more convenient;
Maximum support 1TB TF card storage, even 24-hour uninterrupted video recording can also be recorded for 365 days, with low-power sleep technology, no matter what video recording sleep mode, one card can record for several years.
TUYA also supports cloud storage.
Household consumer security products, industrial standard design, products can be long-term, stable work, let users worry about;
Built in user-friendly Chinese and English menu, fool like connection mode, convenient and quick to use;
No network, no power, suitable for outdoor scenes, WiFi version, domestic 4G version, foreign 4G version for your choice

TUYA WIFI/4G SIM Outdoor Solar IP CCTV Camera Wireless Camera Solar network security high quality outside waterproof low power G02 Solar Power Camera 第1张



1/2.9cmos Sensor:GC2053
LiteOS real-time operating system
WIFIQuick connect
QR Code
Smart Share
H.265 H.264
Adaptive code stream, adapt to a variety of network environment
audio frequency
Audio coding standards: AAG and G.726
Audio in / out: - 38dB microphone / built in speake
Networking Support
4G version available: domestic 4G all Netcom version, East Asia South 4G version, European 4G version and American 4G version,
other regions need to consult
4G protocol support
night vision
4low power infrared lamps
Night vision distance 20m-30m
Color 0.01 Lux@F1.2 , black and white 0.08 Lux@F1.2 , 0 lux infrared on
Waterproof grade
Day night conversion mode
Automatic switching of IR-cut dual filters
Work indicator
Green light on
The blue indicator lights up and enters the networking mode. After the networking is successful, the blue indicator flashes.
2.0 MP HD
92 degree Perspective
Alarm mode
AI intelligent detection, motion detection, sound detection
On site voice alarm and remote app alarm
Built in mic
Built in speaker
Full duplex two way intercom with echo cancellation
Storage function
Support micro SD card storage, up to 1024gb, that is 1TB TF Card
Support local video on demand playback
Support device video on demand playback
motion detection trigger recording and app recording command recording
Cloud storage video
Support one click recovery of default configuration, support app removal device recovery
power supply
Solar panel power supply
It supports 4 18650 rechargeable batteries for 3.7V power supply
Light for 4 hours a day, normal use in intelligent sleep mode, no need to charge.
Intelligent sleep no command automatic sleep standby
Enter the sleep time logic: WiFi version wakes up 20 seconds each time, and the device automatically sleeps; 4G version will go to
sleep one minute after each wake-up.
Streaming media intelligent voice wake up
AI Motion detection triggers wake up
App remote wake up
Start time
Within 600 ms of system startup
Message push time
Message push within 4 seconds
power waste
Maximum working power: daytime < 1.5W, night < 2.5W;
Standby power < 0.003w
Weight and dimension parameters
Total weight: 1.25Kg
Package size: 23cm * 13.7cm * 10.5cm
Packing quantity: 8 pcs
Packing weight: 11kg
Outer box size: 575 * 275 * 478mm
work environment
Working temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, working humidity ≤ 65%